Almeroth, David of Chick

Birth Name Almeroth, David of Chick
Gramps ID I0057
Gender male


Event Date Place Description
Sources Notes
Death 2014    

Relation to the center person (Almeroth, Steven Michael of Peter Jerome) : first cousin once removed (up)


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Almeroth, Charles del patron [I0022]
Mother Almeroth, Jeanne [I0034]1917-11-302014-04-22
    Brother     Almeroth, Peter of Charles [I0024]
    Sister     Almeroth, Jeannie [I0054]
         Almeroth, David of Chick [I0057] 2014
    Sister     Almeroth, Susan of Chick [I0058] 2011
    Sibling     Almeroth, Chris of Chick [I0059]
    Sibling     Almeroth, Michael [I0060]


The oldest child


  1. Almeroth, Charles del patron [I0022]
    1. Almeroth, Jeanne [I0034]
      1. Almeroth, Peter of Charles [I0024]
      2. Almeroth, Jeannie [I0054]
      3. Almeroth, David of Chick
      4. Almeroth, Susan of Chick [I0058]
      5. Almeroth, Chris of Chick [I0059]
      6. Almeroth, Michael [I0060]