Almeroth, Robert Henry “Tim” Jr

Birth Name Almeroth, Robert Henry “Tim” Jr
Nick Name Tim
Gramps ID I0006
Gender male
Age at Death 73 years, 3 months


Event Date Place Description
Sources Notes
Birth 1938-11-03    
Death 2012-02-03   Prostate cancer

Relation to the center person (Almeroth, Steven Michael of Peter Jerome) : uncle


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Almeroth, Robert Henry Sr del patron [I0004]1911-08-271998-12-06
Mother Hartmann, Elizabeth L. [I0005]1913-12-181998-12-09
    Brother     Almeroth, Peter Jerome of Robert [I0002] 1940-02-21
         Almeroth, Robert Henry “Tim” Jr [I0006] 1938-11-03 2012-02-03
    Brother     Almeroth, Richard D of Robert [I0007] 1941-06-20
    Brother     Almeroth, James Andrew of Robert [I0008] 1950-03-23
    Sister     Almeroth, Deborah of Robert [I0009] 1954-04-10


    Family of Almeroth, Robert Henry “Tim” Jr and Almeroth, Nellie [F0002]
Unknown Partner Almeroth, Nellie [I0012] ( * 1941-07-29 + ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Almeroth, Andrea of Tim [I0010]1963-01-14
Almeroth, Kevin of Tim [I0011]1961-11-24


  1. Almeroth, Robert Henry Sr del patron [I0004]
    1. Hartmann, Elizabeth L. [I0005]
      1. Almeroth, Peter Jerome of Robert [I0002]
      2. Almeroth, Robert Henry "Tim" Jr
        1. Almeroth, Nellie [I0012]
          1. Almeroth, Andrea of Tim [I0010]
          2. Almeroth, Kevin of Tim [I0011]
      3. Almeroth, Richard D of Robert [I0007]
      4. Almeroth, James Andrew of Robert [I0008]
      5. Almeroth, Deborah of Robert [I0009]