Curran, Mary Ann

Adopted Name Curran, Mary Ann
Birth Name Brennan, Katherine Bernice
Gramps ID I0032
Gender female


Event Date Place Description
Sources Notes
Birth 1963-03-15 Evanston, IL  
Adopted 1963 Evanston, IL  

Relation to the center person (Almeroth, Steven Michael of Peter Jerome) : half-sister


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Mother Brennan, Susan Katharine [I0003]1945-11-152015-10-02
         Curran, Mary Ann [I0032] 1963-03-15
Father Curran, Charles [I0035]
Stepmother Curran, Elaine [I0036]
         Curran, Mary Ann [I0032] 1963-03-15


  1. Brennan, Susan Katharine [I0003]
    1. Curran, Mary Ann